Chapter 7: You try it: Assemble the about page

Screenshot of about page.

For your last task in this two-page website, set up an about page.

Starting files on Github - ch-7-begin

Recommended approach:

  1. Save your home page as the about page, and call it about.html.
  2. Consider what you need to keep and what to delete in your HTML.
  3. Modify the content to reflect your own biography, or use the provided information.
  4. Debug. Do the links work as expected? How does the page look across browsers?
  5. If you have time, feel free to add more projects, add more pages, or modify the look of pages as you wish.

View the answer on Github - ch-7-end

Advanced additions to the site

Want to push this project further? Here's a few suggestions that you could implement to take this site to the next level. What else would be a good addition to your site?


You have an excellent start on a portfolio website. Continue to add to it with new projects and share it with the world!

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