Chapter 1: Prerequisites and getting set up

Part 1: About the website

In this course, we'll build a portfolio website, 2 pages in length. While all assets are provided in the Github repository, you may want to use your own work to build this site instead. If that's the case, pull together the following assets:

Part 2: What you should know before taking this course

You should have a basic understanding of how the internet works and how files and folders work. If not, please watch the free Internet Fundamentals course to get this background.

We strongly recommend completing the HTML and CSS portion of the free Frontend Masters Bootcamp before taking this course. This includes Chapters 1-7. You will not need JavaScript to complete this course.

Read the Bootstrap workshop materials

Part 3: Technology requirements

You will need a HTML and CSS code editor to follow along with this course. There are many options out there, like Sublime Text, Brackets, Atom, and others. You are welcome to use whatever you prefer.

Jen will use VSCode, which is available for free download on Mac, PC, and Linux.

We will also use CodePen as part of this course. CodePen is a free online development environment for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Links to CodePens will be provided in the documentation.

If you are not familiar with making a CodePen account or forking a CodePen, you may find those instructions in the Internet Fundamentals course. Refer to the final 3 videos in the third chapter.

All CodePens for the course are available in a collection. We'll give you individual URLs along the way as well.

Finally, you should have at least two web browsers installed on your computer for checking your website. We recommend Firefox and Chrome, with Edge or Safari as a third choice. These browsers are free to download and install.